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Compendium 2

Here is a story wrote by a very talented student Sam. 

Compendium 2

After the war between The Outlaws and Marvels army ended, The Outlaws are still living in London. They have arrived at Kensington Garden to bury Marty, their leader’s dead body By the grave. The Boys said their quotes and tried to choose who the new captin is. First, they chosen Dave for his heroic attitude and for saving Alan and Brian. “I wonder if Marvel will come back” said Dean. “I don’t think so” said Alfie. In curiosity, The boys walk away. “But the arrow Dean shot would of killed him!” Brian replied. “Who knows, and what if the Arrow did miss!” Alan answered. Dean then replied “I never miss! I killed him alright!”

Brian was wrong the bad Prince was plotting to destroy Those Outlaws. He can’t wait to see their faces when they taste defeat. So he invented the Ultimate Crystal. “Those people will not know the crystal is in the castle, they are pretty stupid” Marvel told his team of Outlaws. And before he knew it the boys were heading to his castle with weapons. “Go hide in the bushes!” Marvel commanded. “Yes sir!” the villans shouted. The Good Outlaws ran towards the castle. “It looks like we are almost there!” said Alan. “I will check for…”

“Surrender or die!” the evil outlaws yelled. “Oh! If it’s a fight you want it’s a fight you’ll get!!” Dean bravely said. But then, Dave saw something. “Guys, Look, I see the crystal, Brian and Alan come with me, we are going to destroy the crystal, the rest of you fight the enemies!” Dave told his teammates.

“Okay let’s go!” said Alan and Brian at the same time. They ran towards the castle of Kensington! “Well, well, well, look who we have here! Three men!” sneered Marvel. Before the boys could even get in the fortress, Dave got zapped. “My friends, I can’t move. You boys have to go to the castle and destroy that crystal” Dave weakley said. The boys had to go on, Anniolate the ultimate weapon and kill The evil prince. Marvel fired the lazer and watched. “WHAT!!!!! How did they survive that Aniolater?!!” Marvel snapped and boomed angrilly.

“We made it, now where is the ultimate weapon?” asked Brian. So they climbed the Rock walls and found it at last. But Before they could stop Marvel, They had to find a way to break the power supply. “I shall use my sword to cut through the curcit!” Brian Announced.

So Brian got his sword out “Which wire?” questioned Brian. “I don’t know” Replied Alan. Brian sighed and cut the orange wire. Luckily, It was the right wire. “Yeah!” yelled the boys.

“Not so fast! You think you can cut my wire and get away with it?” boomed a voice in the darkness.

“Marvel!” the boys shriked. Marvel challenged them, But then collapsed in the corner. “Don’t mess with my recruits!” Yelled a voice. “Marty! We thought you were dead?”  Alan Gladly said.

It was his ghost!