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Guinea Pigs Visit Culverhill!

Last Weds 8th Sept, Mrs Cook brought her 2 guinea pigs Toffee and Smudge into school as a focus for our writing genre this term of recounts. The aim was for pupils to engage in a sensory way with the animals and we think everyone enjoyed feeding them their favourite food of dandelions, especially the guinea pigs.

Normally they live in the wild in South America and are even eaten on a regular basis as street food or on a BBQ! Safe to say they are very happy living in the UK as pets and can happily live outdoors in a hutch. Even when temperatures drop to -10 degrees in the winter, they are fine as long as they have enough hay , food and defrosted water bottles. This week we are doing our writing, so hopefully we should get lots of good descriptive work. This also provided a great opportunity for the pupils to chat about their own pets and gain ideas from others so a great learning experience for everyone.