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Opening information for Parents/Carers and Pupils

03/06/2020 - Opening information




What parents, carers and children should expect to experience on returning to school from 8th June 2020


This information should be read in conjunction with the photos and videos on the school website.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming your child back to school from the 8th June 2020. School will look very different in Phase 2 of re-opening and we wanted to offer some points for you to talk through with your child before they return.

It is likely this will be an anxious time for your child so we want to provide as much information as possible at this stage so they will have some idea of how different school will be. There is also a ‘walk-through’ video and photos on the school website. The points below are designed to keep children and adults as safe as possible.

School will be open Monday to Friday each week until the 17th July from 9.00am until 3.00pm.


Arrival and Departure:

  • We have adopted a ‘supermarket’ type approach for children arriving and leaving the school premises. In dry weather children will line up outside the main doors at 2 metres apart (lines have been marked). A member of staff will oversee waiting children in a socially distant manner.
  • Children will enter the main reception area one at a time when called by a member of staff and have their temperature taken. If all is well they will be escorted to their classroom.
  • Any child who has a temperature of 37.8 or above will be taken to a separate room. You will be called and asked to collect them as soon as possible. Please then follow the isolation guidance for your child and the rest of your household as set out in the government advice.
  • If you are transporting your child to and from school please park up in one of the parking bays so minibuses have closer access to the school door. Please not wait in the entry queue with your child. This is so we can limit the amount of people waiting in the queue.
  • In wet weather we ask that children remain inside their transport until a member of staff collects them for their temperature check.
  • If your child is due to be in school and they are unwell, please inform the school in the usual way.
  • Should you, your child or another member of your family develop potential COVID-19 symptoms, you must self-isolate immediately and please ensure that you inform the school as soon as possible, regardless of when your child is next due to attend. This is so we can undertake additional risk assessments and put in place any further precautionary measures that may be needed. All children who are attending school, and their families, will be eligible for COVID-19 testing should they develop symptoms.


Strict infection control procedures and protocols will be in place for all children and adults:  (These can also be found on the school’s website in the Safeguarding Policy Annex - Safeguarding-Coronavirus)

  • Temperature checks for children and adults on arrival, at lunchtime and on leaving the school.
  • Regular and frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitiser throughout the school day.
  • Tissues or the crook of the arm must be used to catch coughs and sneezes. Used tissues must be put straight in the bin and hands must be washed thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.
  • Some staff will be wearing aprons, masks and gloves (children do not have to wear these unless they wish to do so).
  • Staff will wipe down tables, chairs, door handles and resources used by children frequently throughout the school day.
  • Children will access toilets one at a time. They must wash their hands for at least 20 seconds after each visit to the toilet.
  • The cleaning team will carry out a thorough clean of all areas of the school each morning and evening.
  • Toilet facilities will be cleaned every two hours by the cleaner.
  • Children are not allowed to bring in to school toys, books, pencil cases or technology devices from home. All resources needed for activities will be provided by school.
  • We would like all children to wear school uniform, as this will help them to feel school is open again. It also allows you to separate uniform worn in school from home clothes, helping to minimise any possible spread of infection.  Please ensure they come to school in clean uniform daily.
  • Should a child or adult show symptoms on arrival at school or during the day they will be taken to a designated room where they will safe and away from others. You will be contacted to come and collect your child as soon as possible. The school will be closed for 14 days to all pupils and staff and a deep clean will be carried out.

Social Distancing:

  • Social distancing for children is a huge challenge, particularly the younger they are. However, we are able to introduce sensible measures to minimise social contact.  Whilst the measures are positive for supporting containment of any potential infection, they will unfortunately mean that social contact is significantly reduced for our pupils.  Children will be shown how to socially distance and reminded frequently of this throughout the day.
  • Signage is up around the school on walls, doors and floors to show the distance of two metres. Tables and chairs in classrooms will marked off to enable children to sit at least two metres apart and children must use the same rooms, furniture and resources whilst in school.
  • A ‘one way’ system will be used on arrival and exit from school, in corridors, the hall and in designated play areas.




  • Small class groups: 3 – 4 children in a class with one teaching assistant (two classes will be overseen by one teacher which will enable other teachers and TA’s to continue to provide home learning for children not in school).
  • Class groups will remain in the same classroom for learning activities and eating lunch.
  • Unfortunately children may not be with their usual staff team or classmates.
  • Bubble groups: two class groups will share break times which will be overseen by one teacher. There will be a designated outside area for each bubble group.
  • A bubble group will access outdoor learning and break times together and will not mix with other bubble groups.


Corridors, Hall & Play Areas:

  • Movement around the school will be ‘one way’ in the corridors and marked by tape and signage.
  • An area of the playground/field will be cordoned off for each bubble group.
  • Some areas of the school will not be accessible to pupils during this phase off wider opening.


Lunchtimes & Break times:

  • Outside play areas will be cordoned off in sections for each bubble group and each group will have to remain in the same area.
  • Play resources will unfortunately not be in use in order to help minimise the risk of infection transmission.
  • Each class will collect their lunch from the school kitchen via the hall and take it back to their classroom to eat.
  • Outdoor learning activities will take place in bubble groups.


Learning Activities:

  • Our usual, formal curriculum remains suspended for the time being. Therefore we will be focusing on supporting children’s mental health, resilience, emotional wellbeing, communication skills and social development as they return to school. There will be opportunities for reading, writing, maths, creative arts, physical exercise and play activities.
  • Our children have been away from school for some time and we recognise that they will need a time of transition to become familiar again with being back at school. For some this transition will be easy and for others much harder. Our approach will be personalised as much as possible as each pupil adapts in their own way and at their own pace.
  • We aim to use the outdoor space as much as possible.
  • Children will not be going on walks or taking part in activities outside of the school grounds.
  • There will be no team sports but children may be required to take part in individual exercise activities including relaxation and mindfulness.
  • Year 11 pupils will be engaging with activities to support their transition for college.


Local Authority School Transport:

  • If your child is coming to school on Local Authority Transport their transport team should advise you on their own safety, social distancing and infection control measures.