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Horticulture & The Allotment

Well we have had a productive time on the allotment this year. Our greatest success has been growing onions, courgettes the size of marrows and cucumbers in our greenhouse. We have also grown potatoes (which got hit by blight over the summer) rhubarb, redcurrants, gooseberries and broccoli. Our courtyard has looked lovely with the geranium plants that we grew on from cuttings. The herb plants and lavender have now established in some of our new pots.

This Autumn we have plans to offer strawberry plants for sale, grow our own herb pots and continue to develop our allotment including the bug house. I have now been given some tiles to provide a roof for it and we have got rid of the wasps nest in the plot! Our horticulture option is now on a Tuesday and I am pleased to welcome back some of last years group plus a few new faces.

The horticulture option at school allows pupils to further develop life skills, enterprise projects and promote learning outdoors. Our project has been going 1 year now and so far we have managed to complete 3 raised beds, one of which was built and filled with compost by our pupils and another was finished off by the South Cotswold Rangers. The rangers kindly came to help us as part of their commitment to the community and learnt some new skills themselves!

Future fundraising is planned to cover the cost of future projects such as the purchase of a new poly tunnel, establishment of a wildflower garden and materials to help create a small pond.

If you have any unwanted bags of compost or materials or plants that you think you may be able to donate to the school please feel free to get in touch with teacher Mrs Cook (year 9). Thank you. 



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