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10T- Miss Tily

This term, along with the rest of the school, 10T have been working on the new Resilience programme introduced by Mrs Allen and Mr Bryce. As part of this, we decided to link it with our PSHE targets and used our lessons to have a go at making stress balls and slime.

The stress balls did not turn out so well, even though we followed the recipe carefully. Two burst before the end of the lesson and the rest did not last too long either. Sadly, because it was so busy, we did not get any photos of that lesson. Probably for the best.

Next, we tried Slime – at the pupils’ request. This worked better with most pupils having a go and some taking the photos. It is very easy to make once you get started. However, a main warning is that you have to keep it on the table because if it hits carpet or clothes it sticks. Luckily, if you put the clothes in a freezer for at least 24 hours it should come off.

Thank you to Callum and James for the photos – great job boys.


From September 2017 the staffing for 10T is as follows

Miss Tily the class teacher for Class 10T. 

Mr Bryce (Tues – Fri), Teaching Assistant, works with 10T and with me when I teach other classes.  Sadly, he is off sick currently, however we have the lovely Mrs Givens with us until his return.

Mrs Powney, Teaching Assistant, moves around to lessons with the class. She is also working with Dyslexic pupils in school.

Mrs Jennison is with us on Mondays,


The class will be together for most lessons but in different groups for the Options they have choose on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

I attach a copy of their timetables for your information. Should you have any questions please feel free to use the home-to-school book, ring me at the school 01454 866930 or you can email me on