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Culverhill Attendance Policy

We have recently updated our School Attendance Policy and a full copy is available in the “About the School” section, "Attendance".

The Government has recently put together some very clear legislation to make sure regular school attendance is high profile and a high priority for all schools.  We want all of our families to have the highest aspirations for our pupils. Attendance is key to this.  We have an exciting curriculum suited to our pupils needs and in order to fully engage with this it is important that pupils are here as much as possible and ready to learn.

Trying to develop skills and knowledge in any subject is difficult enough but even more difficult if pupils are absent for part of a sequence of lessons for say a birthday, holiday or the odd day off.

If essential medical appointments are necessary in school time please could you try to make them near to the end of the school day or after school. This will mean that you do not have to return your child to school and ensure that they miss as little of their lessons as possible.

We would appreciate your co-operation in helping to maintain our excellent attendance figures.

Many thanks

Mr P Lapham
School Leadership Team