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Celebrating Success in P.E.


Within P.E. lessons we are keen to celebrate success of all kinds, whether that may be a child mastering a complex skill, working well as a member of a team, having the confidence to demonstrate in front of the class, coping with the disappointment of losing in a competitive situation or simply participating in a lesson.

Pupils receive House Points every lesson for remembering their kit and for trying hard.  “Bonus” points are often awarded for being independent, excellent performances, giving great answers, demonstrating leadership qualities, kindness and respect towards peers etc.

Each week one child from each Key Stage will have a P.E. Postcard sent to them, briefly detailing how they have excelled, in order that their success can be shared and celebrated at home.


Culverhill P.E. Department values success of all kinds – not just winning performances on a sports pitch.  Something that may seem quite insignificant to most people may in fact be a huge achievement and as such should be celebrated. 



Case Study A.

Pupil A joined the school, from a local mainstream academy, in Year Nine.  She hadn’t participated in P.E. since primary school, where she had experienced bullying.  As a result she was extremely uncomfortable in the P.E. environment and her anxiety was preventing her from participating in lessons.

In order to make her feel more comfortable and to give her the opportunity to experience a positive P.E. environment we arranged for her to be support our youngest pupils in their P.E. lessons, rather than attending her timetabled lesson with her year group.  Throughout the year she gradually gained confidence and, as she did so, she was encouraged to start wearing her P.E. kit when supporting in P.E.

At the start of the following school year Pupil A came to P.E. with the rest of her class and participated fully in the lesson with her peers.  Since then Pupil A has not missed a single lesson.