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Citizenship and Careers

Citizenship - Curriculum Intent


Citizenship has role in many aspects of modern life as this was a subject that was created for the National Curriculum in September 2002. It has increased the understanding for many people, especially those with SEND to understand the world we live in. Therefore, for a curriculum to truly be ‘reflective of the community that our pupils live in, and responsive to the changing priorities both nationally and internationally’ then Citizenship has to play a big part of that.

At the heart of this curriculum is the inherent belief that every single child can achieve, all of their contributions and achievements are valued and listened to, that it is imperative that they are prepared to be as independent as possible and they are to be prepared with the knowledge and skills required to full and enriched life. This curriculum will give them the opportunity for their voice to be heard and for them to listen to others and show respect for others opinions and ideas.

Pupils will learn to develop their core skills in communication and interaction with others, whilst continuing to learn about new topics that are intrinsic to the modern world; Fairtrade, Recycling and Prejudice are all important aspects of a modern society for pupils to understand and appreciate the effect on others and the planet. Citizenship develops pupils into global citizens through using an education based system on the rights and understanding the rights of others before looking at how they affect the world around them.

This Citizenship curriculum will have three strands of offer in line with the school’s overriding offer. These strands are as follows:

THRIVE – for students who have the potential to achieve higher than the INSPIRE strand – Qualifications at a higher level

INSPIRE – Core curriculum offer – working towards their understanding of their rights and responsibilities as a citizen in the UK and more over their responsibility as a global citizen

NURTURE – personalised curriculum approach ensuring that students have skills required to understand they have rights and responsibilities as citizens in the UK