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At Culverhill School, the Cookery curriculum is designed with the intent to empower pupils with practical skills, foster independence, promote healthy eating habits, and enhance their overall well-being. We recognise the unique needs and abilities of our pupils, and our curriculum is tailored to provide a positive and inclusive learning experience.

Promoting Independence: Our Cookery curriculum aims to develop pupils' independence by focusing on fundamental cooking skills. Through progressive and structured learning, pupils will gain confidence in following recipes, using kitchen equipment safely, and preparing simple meals independently. We strive to create a supportive environment that encourages pupils to take ownership of their learning and develop life skills that will serve them beyond the school setting.

Enhancing Sensory and Motor Skills: Cookery offers an excellent opportunity to engage pupils' sensory and motor skills. By involving them in hands-on food preparation activities, we aim to enhance their fine and gross motor skills, coordination, sensory exploration, and sensory integration. We will adapt tasks to accommodate individual needs, providing sensory-rich experiences that support their overall development.

Encouraging Healthy Choices: We believe in the importance of teaching our pupils about healthy eating habits and making informed food choices. Our curriculum will focus on nutrition education, exploring different food groups, portion control, and the benefits of a balanced diet. Pupils will be encouraged to use fresh ingredients, develop an understanding of dietary restrictions and allergies, and explore alternative cooking methods to promote healthy eating habits.

Building Social Skills and Collaboration: Cookery offers a platform for developing social skills and collaboration amongst pupils. Through group cooking activities, we will create opportunities for teamwork, effective communication, and sharing responsibilities. Pupils will learn to work together, appreciate each other's contributions, and develop a sense of belonging in the kitchen and beyond.

Promoting Cultural Awareness: We recognise the importance of diversity and cultural appreciation in our Cookery curriculum. Pupils will have the chance to explore cuisines from different cultures, learn about food traditions, and develop an understanding and respect for various dietary customs. This will foster an inclusive learning environment that celebrates diversity and encourages cultural awareness and acceptance.

Personalising Learning: Our Cookery curriculum will be personalised to meet individual student needs, taking into account their abilities, interests, and sensory preferences. We will adapt recipes, tools, and teaching methods to ensure that every student can actively participate and experience success in their culinary journey.

Through our Cookery curriculum, we aim to equip pupils with valuable life skills, promote independence and healthy choices, foster social interaction and cultural awareness, and support their holistic development. We will continually assess and adapt our curriculum to ensure it remains engaging, inclusive, and relevant to the diverse needs of our pupils.