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Curriculum Intent

Culverhill Curriculum Intent

The purpose of our Curriculum at Culverhill School is to provide an inclusive learning experience which addresses the needs of all learners, regardless of special educational need, ethnicity, gender or ability. We promote our core values of Inspire, Nurture and Thrive at every opportunity. We also believe our Curriculum should be reflective of the community that our pupils live in, and responsive to the changing priorities both nationally and internationally.

Throughout their time at Culverhill we provide our pupils with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in the following areas to prepare each pupil for each stage of their education;

• Social, emotional, Mental Health (Resilience and Well-being)

  • Opportunity to develop resilience and a sense of self place in the world
  • A focus on developing strategies to deal with challenges of the modern world and real life concepts
  • Appropriately interact with peers

• Communication and interaction (Communicate and Interact)

  • Model and learn to have a high quality channel of communication between peers, staff, families and outside agencies
  • Team work, valuing diversity and connecting with others.
  • Learn expressive, receptive language skills and social use of language

• Self-care and independence

  • Opportunities to develop independence including how to stay safe
  • Reflection and ability to share and celebrate their work and their peers

• Physical and Sensory (Healthy and Safe)

  • Opportunities for learners to utilise effective sensory strategies to maximise learning about one’s self
  • Opportunities to develop the concept of healthy living and physical well being
  • Recognise links between physical and mental health

• Cognition and Learning (Cognitive life skills)

  • Develop a passion for lifelong learning
  • The ability to see mistakes or setbacks as a learning opportunity
  • To positively respond to feedback as a pathway towards learning.

Curriculum definition

  • Thrive – Challenge curriculum for those students exceeding INSPIRE expectations
  • Inspire Curriculum – Core curriculum offer
  • Nurture – Personalised curriculum or alternate provision and mentoring for students to improve well-being and behaviour resulting in increased engagement.

Inspire, Nurture, Thrive is at the heart of everything we do. We recognise that our pupils have had varied experiences of education before moving into their Culverhill education. We aim to build on their prior successes through a focused and, for some, personalised curriculum which presents relevant and stimulating learning opportunities that prepare our learners for adulthood. We will foster creativity, celebrate awe and wonder moments to ensure our pupils develop as well rounded individuals Through Educational Health Care Plans we work with pupils, families and outside agencies to create meaningful goals that prepare our learners for their future lives.