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Drama  -  Curriculum Intent

At Culverhill School we believe that skills learnt in Drama equips pupils to understand others, develop their life skills and independence as well as their thinking and creativity to understand the world; linked to their previous knowledge and building on this through sharing knowledge with others, culturally and for fun.

Drama has deep links with communication, cognition, SEMH, art, SMSC, Citizenship, and provides insights into both culture and society. The core of Drama is based on developing pupils movement, speaking and improvisation skills, in which pupils are shown by modelling behaviours and taught through a kinaesthetic approach to try out different characters and personas that they may have not thought possible in a safe and calm environment. Drama seeks to boost the self confidence  and self esteem of pupils by engaging them in a lesson where there is no academic skills but more focus on their speaking and listening and learning to work with others to able to use, and express themselves and develop their ideas through role play and games. These core drama skills will prepare them to a level suitable for the future workplace and as active participants in today’s society. Drama is weaved into subjects across the curriculum and becomes bespoke in year 10 and 11. We believe it is important to build pupil confidence as part of a transition plan within key stage 4.

Drama is designed to develop pupil’s communication and interaction skills, understanding of the modern world, reflect on their previous knowledge of culture and media whilst drawing up their own life experiences to enable them to ‘role play’ in various workshops. 

During Key Stage 4 workshops pupils will build on their skills and develop their speaking skills, movement skills and improvisation to work towards pre-entry and entry level AQA awards.

At the heart of this curriculum is the inherent belief that every single child can achieve, all of their contributions and achievements are valued, that it is imperative that they are prepared to be as independent as possible and they are to be prepared with the knowledge and skills required to full and enriched life.