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Home Learning

Culverhill School – Home Learning

At Culverhill School we are committed to ensuring our children continue to learn. Whilst learning is important, the communities’ well-being is at the forefront. We understand that during these unprecedented times parents and carers may not be able to facilitate the learning of the children in their care fully. There may be times of illness, working from home, caring for the vulnerable and caring for other children within the home. This must be the priority for the our community. However, we will endeavour to support our learners at this time and continue to learn and grow.

What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is where pupils cannot physically be present at school. As children cannot access school to learn, their learning will take place online or through life skills in the home. It is important that children complete the work set but this could take many forms. This is something new for all of us; we will endeavour to improve the service as we all get used to it.

Work will be set by teachers using a learning platform named SeeSaw which many of the children have already. It can be accessed through the app available free on the app store or google play. It can also be accessed online through

Teachers have created a bank of home learning tasks, ideas and resources. Some are in the form of worksheets or instructions on work to complete and others are instructions on where to access work.  You will not be required to print out any worksheets if you are unable to do so.  Worksheets will simply be used as a guide for presenting tasks.  Recording work on via Seesaw would be the best method of recording but doing the work on paper is also fine. 

Some activities will be completed online and teachers will be able to see it. Sometimes a task might ask the child to carry out an experiment; growing seeds, organise tins and packets according to weight, or drawing or making a model. These can be photographed and uploaded onto SeeSaw for the teachers to see but again this is not essential. Teachers will be able to monitor children’s engagement in activities and their understanding as long as the work is presented through SeeSaw.

Children thrive off routine and structure so this may help when learning at home. We understand that this cannot be followed at all times and may not at all in some instances.

What is expected of pupils?

Each child will be issued with set pieces of work to complete each day. One English, One Maths and One PSHE task. It is also advisable to do some reading on a daily basis if possible. Their responses will be sent to the teacher via SeeSaw. Please make sure that your children only send completed work. We also encourage students to practice life skills at home under the supervision of their parents and carers!

Our pupil zone has a huge amount of resources to offer if you are unable to access SeeSaw.

Expectations on Teachers

  • All students will have an assigned teacher. See below. Those teachers will provide work for children to complete at home. If you do not see your usual teacher that is because they are in school teaching children and are not able to provide home learning.
  • Teachers will respond to pupils’ work where appropriate but not always
  • Teachers will try to match the work to your child’s abilities wherever possible, sometimes this will prove to be difficult as teachers often give additional support to pupils during a lesson.
  • Teachers will be working from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday.
  • Teachers will be completing professional tasks in addition to home learning so will not always be able to respond immediately to pupils.
  • Teachers will provide one task per day of the following; Maths, English and PSHE

KS2 Home learning team

Year 7 Home Learning

Year 8 Home learning

Year 9 Home learning

Year 10 Home learning

Year 11 Home learning

Mr Jacques

Mr Holt

Miss Jones

Mrs Bennett

Mrs Langley

Miss Collins

Mrs Harvey

Mrs Davies

Mrs Hiscock

Mrs Cook

Mrs Bellanger

Miss Tily

Mrs Powney

Mr Webb

Helen Bell – P.E offer