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Home Maintenance

KS3 DT curriculum intent: Teaching DT in KS3 aims to develop and challenge pupils’ creativity and problem-solving skills through teaching a wide variety of projects that encourage independent and practical thinking and that use a range of different materials. Throughout years 7, 8 & 9, pupils will focus on 3 main areas of study: 

  • Fabric and Textiles 
  • Moving pictures 
  • Structures

Each area of focus develops interests and facilitates progression across the key stages and into higher education. Pupils will learn and consolidate a range of technical knowledge and key skills which they will apply to a variety of different tasks, linked to termly topics. Knowledge and understanding is drawn from across the curriculum allowing pupils to develop, consolidate and apply their numeracy, literacy and communication skills as well as personal ECHP outcomes.

Skills and Objectives:


  • To use symbols, pictures and/or words to convey what I want to design/make
  • To use research to inform my design


  • To cut out shapes which have been created by drawing round a template onto the fabric.
  • To colour fabrics using a range of techniques e.g. fabric paints, printing, painting.
  • To join fabrics by using different methods e.g. running stitch, glue, staples, over sewing, tape.
  • To fold and cut paper and card, cutting along lines, straight and curved.
  • To experiment with levers and sliders to find different ways of making things move in a 2D plane. 
  • To use malleable materials to mould a simple morph.
  • To use technology to create a series of linked frames that can be played as a short animation.
  • To cut materials, measure, select resources, build/stack, stick/join resources to build a specific structure.
  • To use simple finishing techniques.
  • To begin to learn ways to make a structure stronger.


  • To evaluate their product and comment on ways that it can be improved

KS4 Home Maintenance:

Home maintenance intent: The home maintenance curriculum aims to prepare KS4 pupils for life beyond their education at Culverhill School, equipping them with key life skills and knowledge of how to keep themselves safe within the home, increasing pupils’ chances of living independently. Pupils will have their achievements formally recognised as part of the AQA Unit Award scheme, preparing them for post-16 education and widening their employability opportunities. The units covered allow pupils to consolidate and strengthen skills they have learnt throughout their education at Culverhill School to produce a high-quality outcome, which they can take pride and satisfaction in. Each unit develops and consolidates numeracy, literacy and communication skills.

Course outline: AQA award scheme (6 weeks)

1. General Home Maintenance 111921 (2 weeks)

2. Indoor painting and decorating 105633 (1 week)

3. Outdoor painting and decorating 111971 (2 weeks)

4. Assembling flat pack furniture 114147 (1 week)

Key skills/outcomes:

  • To understand and implement safe practices and procedures. 
  • To develop the skills to use a wide range of basic tools, materials and other resources competently and safely.
  • To maintain a commitment, patience and perseverance to complete the task/ activity to the best of their ability.
  • To develop strategic skills to plan, organise and follow a set of instructions before completing a specific task.
  • To identify key areas within the home that need to be checked and maintained.
  • To show an understanding of ‘how to search for/seek help for a given task.