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At Culverhill School we believe in the benefits that music can have on our pupils. We therefore provide music sessions to all our pupils in KS 2 and also deliver music technology to our year 9 in KS 3.

Music encourages social interaction, co-operation and greater levels of tolerance. The core of our music sessions are based on practical exploration.  Through practical music sessions, pupils can develop an understanding of turn- taking and sharing, which leads to a sense of belonging.  We host regular performances of pupils’ singing and playing  which can trigger a sense of pride, achievement and increased self-esteem. Music also can help the development of  gross and fine motor control by encouraging pupils to explore and play instruments.

Music Technology in turn offers a great opportunity to our pupils to develop additional potential vocational skills. In the music technology sessions pupils gain practical hands-on experience. Pupils are then encouraged to show and display their new-gained skills at arranged performance opportunities. Similar to the general music sessions, this can assist in an increase of self-esteem and a sense of achievement.

Both, general music and music technology, also can be fun and exciting and can have a calming effect on pupils in situations of stress. As a non-verbal form of communication it helps to express feelings and emotions.