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Parent Comments 

Family questionnaires were sent out in May 2015 and the results collated as follows :

In summary :

98% of responses indicated that parents feel :

  • The school is well led and managed
  • The teaching is good
  • Children are encouraged to be independent people with good self-esteem, to think for themselves.
  • They are prepared well for their future.
  • Children are happy, safe and looked after

96% of responses indicated that they would recommend Culverhill School to another parent, and many have done. 

"Yes - often people ask my opinion and I am always positive"

"Yes and I have done - the intermediate level of Culverhill is difficult to find anywhere else ...."

86% of returned questionnaires were completely positive and many had very complimentary comments from parents :

"Excellent school. Lovely environment, happy, enjoys her school and wants to go to school in the mornings".

"I would highly recommend Culverhill......Is the happiest he has been at any school"

"You have given me my daughter back" (K.Elliot)


September 2016- New Student - Parent Comment

"We feel so pleased with how D's first week has gone.  We can already clearly see a more relaxed son with less anxiety about school.  Previously he would leave school and offload the stress of the day on us by being very argumentative , shouting and generally presenting as quite stressed and wound-up.  This week, even with starting in a new environment, with new people, we have seen none of this.  He is keen to come in and doesn't give me verbal about not wanting to go to school like he used to, and is able to relay events from his day.  

We feel confident that D will be able to achieve so much more with yourselves by being himself, learning and absorbing information at his pace and level, and securing good friendships.  We look forward to the year ahead!"


September 2016 - New Student - Parent Comment

M seems happy and positive about school and has settled so well in such a short space of time which is just wonderful.  


October 2016 - IEP Evening - Parent Comments

"My child enjoys the calmness, and structure of the class"

"J enjoys coming in.  The relationships with the teaching staff help him greatly"

"W loves it here.  He's so much happier"

"Since A has been at Culverhill, she has come a long way"

"Impressed with progress made since been at Culverhill.  She's changed completely as a person - much more confident".

"He always wants to go to School - he didn't at his old School"

"His transition to Culverhill School couldn't have gone any smoother - he says 'I love my school - it rocks'"