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Physical Education

The Contribution of Physical Education to the Whole Curriculum.

PE is the only subject which, through the use and knowledge of the body and its movement, contributes to ALL aspects of the education of young people.

Physical Education:

  • Develops physical competence
  • Promotes physical development
  • Teaches pupils, through experience, to know about and to value the benefits of exercise
  • Establishes self-esteem through the development of physical confidence
  • Helps pupils to cope with both success and failure in the context of co-operative and competitive physical activities
  • Provides experience of physical activities which should lead pupils to lifelong participation


Physical Education also contributes to:

  • The development of problem solving
  • The development of inter-personal skills
  • The forging of links between the school and the community, and across cultures.

Physical Education Overview

At Culverhill School we believe that Physical Education is a very important subject.  Our curriculum is designed to offer all pupils the opportunity to experience a range of sports.  We ensure all students of differing needs and abilities are challenged and enjoy Physical Education, with particular emphasis on development of self-esteem, decision making and adopting healthy active lifestyles.

Key stage 2 pupils follow a structured and varied curriculum where they develop their fundamental skills.  Within a framework of play and creativity these skills include:

  • Football                        - Tag Rugby                         - Hockey                              - Tennis
  • Badminton                  - Volleyball                          - Cricket                               - Curling              
  • Boccia                           - Dance                                 - Gymnastics                      - Swimming



In Key Stage 4 Core P>E> lessons are compulsory to ensure pupils begin to develop life skills such as:


                -Team Work                       - Healthy Living                 - Personal Goals               - Fair Play

                - Leadership                       - Communication             - Decision Making            - Hygiene

                - Organisation                    - Time keeping


Pupils are also given the opportunity to follow an options programme as a means to try and promote lifelong participation.  Pupils take part in Leisure activities and sports coaching.  Pupils are also encouraged to join outside clubs and organisations to promote participation once pupils leave Culverhill School.

At Culverhill School we believe PE is significant in the development of our pupils becoming well rounded, confident and healthy individuals.  We strive as a team to provide outstanding teaching to enable our pupils to achieve this.