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Physical Education

Meet Mrs Bell!

Mrs Bell is our PE teacher at Culverhill and works Monday - Thursday.

Our P.E curriculum is varied and includes a broad range of sports / activities.  The curriculum is constantly evolving in order to best meet the needs of each cohort of pupils.  Physical education provides opportunities for pupils to be creative, competitive and to face up to different challenges as individuals and in groups and teams. It promotes positive attitudes towards active and healthy life styles.


For more detailed information on the P.E. curriculum please click on the “P.E. – Curriculum Documents” tab.



At Culverhill we are really lucky to have excellent sports equipment and facilities.  Teaching takes place in our multi-purpose hall, on our Astro and on our field!


We recently had a series of Exercise Stations installed around our Daily Mile path, which encircles our playground and field.  This provides pupils with the opportunity to get regular exercise / movement breaks from their lessons on the days when they don’t have a P.E. lesson.


                                                                   HOUSE SYSTEM

All pupils and staff at Culverhill School belong to one of our four Houses – Byland, Storey, Murray and Simmonds.



The names of these houses are the names of famous Para and Special Olympians.  They were chosen by our year 11 pupils when we launched the House System in 2019.  The four Houses are represented by a fantastic creature, as shown on the House shield

Throughout the year pupils can earn House Points every P.E. lesson, by wearing the correct P.E. kit and demonstrating a positive attitude.  House Points are also awarded for good sporting behaviour.

During the summer term every child, led by their Year 11 House Captain, has the opportunity to represent their House at our whole school Sports Day.



We are very proud of our Culverhill P.E. kit which enables the children to participate safely and comfortably in lessons and which also means our pupils can represent the school with pride at any inter-school sports events that they may attend.

For more detailed information on P.E. kit requirements, and how to order, please click on the “Culverhill P.E. Kit” tab.

Sport Clubs

We are really proud of the number of our pupils who attend Sports Clubs outside of school.  This not only provides them with the opportunity to participate in more exercise / sport but also to practice their social skills and to meet other young people with similar needs. 
Over the last couple of years Culverhill P.E. department has established firm links with a number of Sports Clubs who specialise in providing friendly, fun, fully inclusive sessions. 
Please click on the “Club Links” tab for details of clubs that have established links with the Culverhill PE department* and are attended by Culverhill pupils.
*The activities and sports clubs listed here are all independently run and are not endorsed by Culverhill School or Enable Trust.  It is the responsibility of parents/carers to assess the suitability of any club or activity for the child in their care.