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Post 16 - Transition

The Local Authority track the destinations of all school leavers. Their privacy notice regarding the sharing of data can be found here

All students have access to impartial careers advice and guidance, and help with transition planning from Year 7 through to the end of Year 11. This support is also available to parents and carers, and although the focus starts with Year 9 students beginning to prepare for their eventual transition post-16, it is open to all young people and their families at Culverhill, at any age.

During Year 7, 8 and 9 Jon meets with class groups and then individual students to help them start to think about what they would like to do when they are older, and to help students begin to gain an understanding of what happens once they reach the end of Year 11. This continues throughout Year 10 and can be supplemented by visits to colleges and other providers. During the EHCP Annual Review process we discuss the options for students, what support is available and timescales. There is also a Careers Evening at school, usually held in September, where colleges, 6th forms and work based providers are available along with support agencies to provide information to parents and young people

Students have the opportunity to undertake work experience, class college visits and to develop independence and travel training skills.

During Year 11 Jon helps students to identify and apply for appropriate courses, visit potential providers and offers support at interviews and assessment days. Parents and carers are closely involved throughout this decision-making process and Jon is available to talk to families at any point during the transition stage. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every student has a clear post-16 plan for when they leave school.

The majority of our young people will move on to supportive preparatory education courses, either at college or in a 6th form. Colleges such as SGS Filton/Stroud, City of Bath College, City of Bristol College and Wiltshire College all have courses aimed at students with high support needs. These will often be foundation/entry-level courses where class sizes remain small and support is available both in class and during unstructured times.

Some students are able to progress on to mainstream courses with appropriate support, either once they have settled at college and completed one of the entry courses, or directly from school.

Alternatively some students will continue onto a 6th form or post-16 placement at schools like Warmley Park or New Siblands. There are also a small number of students who can access a more work-based option such as an apprenticeship or traineeship. Other young people will require a more specialist or bespoke individual package. The journey for every young person is different and there is support available throughout to guide young people and their parents/carers through the process

Our Careers and Transitions Adviser is Jon Troy and he can be contacted through the school office, or on 07401 959 559, or via