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Religious Education is an essential part of any young person’s education. The R.E. curriculum at Culverhill School is holistic, sequential and learned through linking our own experiences to those of others. Knowledge and skills are built on through time. To ensure coverage, the religions that will be focussed on from KS2 through to KS4 are Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism. The purpose of our RE curriculum is to provide our learners with a broad and balanced education enabling them to become informed citizens. Our curriculum aims to develop the thinking skills of our young people, so they can form their own opinions on different facets of religion.

Our Religious Education curriculum covers the different religions through key questions which begin by focussing on pupil’s known experiences. This then develops into thinking of the views of other people and highlights either the similarities or differences. The religions are covered in different ways throughout the year and then revisited in different ways throughout pupils learning journey. For our pupils it is important that learning is reinforced and built upon.