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School Aims, Goals and Vision

Inspire. Nurture. Thrive.

Valuing and developing the potential in everyone

Our school community needs to have a common understanding of what we are aiming for and what outcomes we want for pupils. This is our vision and should be something we refer back to on a daily basis in order to guide our decisions. We use it to decide which direction to go in, it is like our compass.     

The commitment of the staff and outstanding team working ethos at Culverhill School will ensure that the vision is implemented on a daily basis.

1. Have an understanding of their own needs and the positive contributions that they can make.

2. Make the most of what they can do and believe in their ability to succeed and be the best that they can be.

3. To respect and value themselves and others.

4. To develop self-confidence, self-esteem and emotional resilience and well-being so that they can keep themselves happy.

5. To develop language, social communication, numeracy and behaviour skills that are appropriate and prepare them for life.

6. To adopt healthy and safe lifestyles and manage risk.

7. Engage, participate, persevere and achieve.

8. Leave school with a range of independent living skills and effective strategies to help them make personal choices about their future.

9. Enter the adult world as responsible, respectful, enterprising, confident and independent  citizens.


1. Value themselves and be able to keep themselves healthy, safe and happy.

2. Manage their feelings appropriately and behave in a way that facilitates their own and others learning.

3. Develop effective and appropriate social interaction skills which they can apply in a range of real life situations.

4. Achieve measurable progress in their verbal and written communication (including use of Braille, ICT, Signing and Symbols) each year.

5. Make measurable progress in their ability to acquire and use the Maths skills necessary for independent living and life each year.

6. Be able to review their own progress and set targets for their next steps (at their own level).

7. Understand the importance of school and college and acquire the skills and experience needed to choose.