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School Values and Aims

Inspire. Nurture. Thrive.

Valuing and developing the potential in everyone

Our school community has a common understanding of what we are aiming to achieve and outcomes we wish to pursue for our pupils. Inspiring, nurturing and ensuring our children Thrive is our vision and should be something we refer back to on a daily basis in order to guide our decisions. We use it to decide which direction to go in, it is like our compass.     

The commitment of the staff and outstanding team working ethos at Culverhill School will ensure that the vision is implemented on a daily basis.


Core values

Nurture: Care and protect our pupils whilst providing an environment for holistic development

Inspire: Fill our pupils lives with opportunities to improve on their skills and abilities whilst modelling ambitious and high aspirations

Thrive: All pupils prosper and flourish regardless of their starting points and SEND.

Core Aims linked to EHCP outcomes

Cognition and learning - Increase my knowledge and understanding of the world and my ability to manage challenges.

Communication and interaction - Communicate my wants and needs and understand those of others.

Social, emotional and mental health - Manage my feelings and behaviour to be happy, safe and resilient.

Self-care and independence - Care for myself and Increase my independence to lead a better quality life.

Physical and sensory - Understand how to manage my senses and look after my health.