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Self Care and Independence

At Culverhill School we believe that Self Care & Independence education is essential in preparing pupils to thrive independently and to experience success in life. Pupils need the knowledge and understanding of a range of life skills to be able to safely and successfully contribute to society and to manage the challenges that they met on the way. We believe that communication and interaction is key to this success from understanding pictorial road signs to interacting politely and appropriately in shops and cafes.

We teach life skills discreetly through practical, active sensory sessions and through cross curricular learning in e.g. cookery and home maintenance lessons. Skills that are taught in school are then practised in real life situations within the local community and the Life Skills Centre in Bristol.

Spiral curriculum

Our SC&I curriculum is broken down into the following areas which are revisited in alternate terms:

Shopping and eating out

Road safety and money management

Plus toileting for KS2 each term

For our pupils it is important that this core learning is reinforced and built upon regularly. Each term we dedicate 2-4 weeks to focus on pupil’s personal outcomes from their EHCP’s. These sessions are highly personalised and based upon the needs of each child.

Please see attached documents for further information.